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Making Handmade Jewelry Videos

"How to" Photograph Jewelry Videos

How and Where to Sell Your Beads, Jewelry and Art

Glass Tech

Glass Compatibility - The Basics, the Problems, the Fix

Glass Compatibility - Testing and Measuring - How To

Homemade DIY Polariscope - Testing for Stress in Glass, Identifying Tempered Glass

What are Lampwork Beads?

Lampwork Bead How To Article

What are Furnace Beads?

Batching and Mixing Glass From Raw Material

Plate Glass and Telescopes (glass mirrors)

Plate Glass for Art or Telescopes

Making Your Own Telescope Book


20 Things About Work...If You're Just Starting Out

College vs. the Trades - Something to Think About if You're About to Graduate From High School (or not)


Creativity How To Videos

Yes, you are creative

Creativity - How To Books


Container Gardening - Mix Your Own Potting soil - Problems With too Much Water...It's Not what You Think.


Think you have a hernia? Maybe not...

Hernia Videos - These video pages sometimes takes 20-30 seconds to appear.

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