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Dave Bross
1952 - ?

1965 - 1970

Hobby jobs -

Mowing lawns, salvaging TVs, lawnmowers, and whatever else.
Nothing I liked better than going out hunting salvage on the night before junk pick up day.
That's REALLY special when you're living in some of the richest neighborhoods in the country.

1968 - 1969

Mowing lawns and landscaping

Joe Macri, Norwalk Ct.

Joe was a wonderful guy and was really good to all of us who worked for him.
Joe had the landscape accounts at some incredible estates around Fairfield county, where there's certainly no shortage of money.
We went to some amazing places and met some famous and interesting people.


Foreign/Exotic Auto Apprentice Mechanic

Cars & Classics, Darien, CT.

He imported unusual european cars in semi-rough condition and restored them.
Unfortunately, he "forgot" to pay the feds his payroll taxes, so that was the end of that job.


Foreign/Exotic Auto Apprentice/Mechanic

New Canaan Foreign Car Service, New Canaan, CT.

This was one very tough German who taught me decent work habits and excellent basic mechanical skills.
Thanks Gunther.
I Left here to try my hand at being a dealership mechanic at Continental Motors in Bridgeport Ct.


Pool Table Moving, Setup and Repair

A friend was moving back to Colorado and he gave/taught me this business so someone would be there for his old customers.
I was doing this nights while working a job during the day.
You always have to play a game of pool after you work on someones table.
After hundreds of games...
I still can't shoot pool!


Foreign Auto Mechanic

Continental Motors
Fairfield, CT

Typical (boring) dealership line mechanic work.
These were the years of the first Arab embargo fuel crisis.
Most of us, myself included, were laid off.


Truck & Construction Equipment Fleet Mechanic, Operator, Driver

E.M. Workman Co.
Norwalk, CT

This was a septic tank and portable toilet rental outfit.
Some of the best people I ever worked for.
I would have done almost anything for them but I  finally had enough of northern winter weather and deciced to head south.
This was where I got my first truck license in 1972.
The guy who taught me how to drive a truck, Shelly Knight, was one of the Red Ball Express drivers in WW II.
I consider that an honor.

1976 - 1977

Auto & Truck Mechanic, Machinist, & Manager

Ed Lovells' Auto & Truck Garage
Gainesville, FL

Ed is gone now.
I'll always appreciate the time he took to teach me the ways of the south and his crazy sense of humor.

1978-1979 & 1980-1981

Foreign/Exotic Auto Mechanic, Machinist, & Manager

Oscars Imported Car Service
Gainesville, FL

Oscar Rich was another VERY tough old mechanic of German heritage and the best mechanic I ever met, bar none.
Oscar's gone now too.
I'm forever grateful for all the things he taught me.


Partners in a motorcycle shop

British Specialties
Gainesville, FL

You know how partnerships can be.
My partner having the nickname of "Rotten Ron" should have been a major clue.
I bailed out of this one.


Automotive & Truck Mechanics Instructor

Gainesville Job Corps Center, Gainesville, FL

I do love teaching, but this was definitely "public service", as it only paid minimum wage.
I finally had to give it up and go back to working with Oscar so I could pay the bills.


Stock Car Racing

Crew Chief

Hobby stockers and IMCA modifieds. Local tracks.
This was just at the end of the golden era, when you could win with determination, intelligence, and junkyard parts.
Replaced by the era of cubic money.
I even tried to be a driver...but what I did best was "safety harness tester".
My reaction times aren't quick enough to be a skilled driver and I got tired of fixing the race car after I wrecked it.


Domestic/Foreign/Exotic Auto/Truck Mechanic, Machinist, & Manager

Dave Mays Automotive
Gainesville, FL

Dave is still one of my favorite people, he's an entomologist who would rather work on cars.
Dave is still doing good work and still a whole lot of fun.

1982 - 1984

Newspaper Route for The Gainesville Sun

The Sun canceled my contract because I would not deliver any more papers to people who would not pay.
I never missed a night for those few years but I guess circulation numbers meant more to them than good service.


Salvage/Scrap Metal Business Owner

Dave Bross, Cash for Junk,
Archer, FL

I started this one from nothing, running those newspapers at night while I made all the mistakes and learned all the lessons.
I built it up to where it made a very good living.
At it's peak, I was moving over a million pounds of metal a year all by myself.
The zoning department, forced into it by a few jealous neighbors, put me out of business.


Auto Parts Sales

B&L Auto Parts
Archer, FL

My friends who owned this needed a little extra help part time.
This was some good experience in retail sales and parts work.
This is now owned by my friend Ruben Sapp.
If you ever need a real parts man, he's the one.

1990 - 1990

Working with my sister Nancy in her management consulting business

Man, did I learn a WHOLE lot doing this.
My sister was always way ahead of the curve.
Things like her business was running digitally instead of on paper in 1990.
I wasn't overly happy locked up indoors in a suit, so after a year it was back to more familiar things.
I worked with her some behind the scenes for years afterward.
She died in 2008. RIP Nan.


Truck Fleet Mechanic/Driver

Nuts & Bolts Recycling
Seattle, WA

Evil People.
This one ended with me injured on the job and some serious interpersonal conflict.
Looking back on this, I can tell you some very funny stories . . . but it wasn't so funny being right in the middle of it at the time.


Automotive Teacher

University of Washington Experimental College
Seattle, WA

Shoreline Community College
Seattle, WA.

Continuing education. Courses to teach people how to get the most from their vehicles.


Pizza Delivery

Pizza Time, Seattle WA

A very fun part time job. People are always glad to see you when you're bringing them food.
These days I volunteer as a driver for a local rural food bank and I still love bringing the food.


Salvage/Scrap Metal Business Owner

Dave Bross, Cash for Junk
Archer, FL

Seattle "no sun" winters finally got to me, so it was back to the sunny south and back into the scrap business again.
Scrap prices were higher in these years then they had ever been.
Then...the Feds let the Asian countries dump all their metal into our markets for pennies on the dollar in '98.
That was almost the end of the domestic steel industry, along with the domestic scrap metal market.
Park the truck...say goodbye.

1998 - 2001

Transport Driver, self employed

Moving trucks, RVs and busses to where they needed to go.
This work started to disappear due to insurance companies requiring the owners of the vehicles to carry expensive liability insurance on all transport drivers.
The vehicle owners had to go to employing "in house" drivers and not hiring the self employed.

2001 - ?

School Bus Driver
Levy County School District
My favorite job of all time. Good pay for great part time work. Full benefits and the summers off too.
My favorite thing about this? Teaching those social skills to kids who never would have known.

Go grab a copy of the School Bus book I wrote.
Even if you're not thinking about being a driver it will tell you how to keep your kids safe by spotting any problems on the School Buses where you live:
How to be a School Bus Driver

1986 - ?

Glass Artist.

Beads, decorative art and jewelry
Lamp work, furnace work, fusing and cold working.
Research and experimentation with glass color chemistry
Research on glass technical history.