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Let's talk about the inexpensive ways to get this done first. A flatbed scanner is your best friend for inexpensive jewelry pics of surprisingly good quality. Scanners are cheap to buy too! It's as simple as tossing the piece on the scanner and scanning it or you can build little structures on the scanner to hold things a certain way. You don't need photoshop or any fancy graphics programs, just something basic that can crop the picture to size. The picture viewing app that comes with MS operating systems will do this Here's a vid with some good scanner ideas:

Here's a vid with some very basic ideas on how to get great pics of anything shiny. The camera in this is getting into high dollar stuff. I'll put a video explaining all the high end stuff next:

OK here's the bigger $$$$ stuff and a good explanation of why it gets top notch pics:

Getting the light diffused well is what makes for a good jewelry pic. We saw one form of diffuser in the "shiny objects" vid above so let's look at some less expensive ways to diffuse light or work with light.

I read about another inexpensive trick to get the equivalent of a light tent to diffuse the light when taking pics of shiny things.

Cut the bottom off a plastic milk jug, set it over the object to be photographed and shoot the pic through the hole on the top of the jug. You could cut the top of the jug open some more if needed.