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These are pics of mixing up glass batch for my furnace bead or cane bead beadmaking from somewhere around mid-winter in 2004.

There's an easier way to mix smaller amounts.

Mix smaller batches in a bucket or small plastic drum cut in half. I use a drywall mud or paint mixer and a drill. Cardboard with a hole for the shaft sits on top of the bucket to keep the dust down. This is fast and some of the most complete mixing so far.

Spraying a bit (not too much!) water in it helps with the dust. If you want super-sanitation on dust issues the industrial supply houses sell plastic bucket caps that look like a womens showercap. You'll have to add the hole for the shaft. 

weighing out the sand on a digital scale
weighing glass batch digital scale

Dumping it onto the screen to be sifted.
on to the screen for sifting

Crushing the Lumps
everything gets screened

Bumping it to get it to go through the screen
crushing the lumps

I check off each addition on a checksheet to minimize mistakes. The checksheet comes from a spreadsheet I built to calculate the expansion of the finished glass.
spreadsheet for glass batch calculations

Same as above
spreadsheet for batch calculating

Measuring some of the smaller quantity chemicals
measuring small amounts

Into the mixer it  goes.
dumping batch into mixer

Adding a bit of water to help pelletize it and cut down the dust.
spraying water into glass batch

Dumping it out
dumping batch from mixer

Into the glass furnace it goes!!!!
batch emptied into furnace