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So you think you're not creative? Think about this, every day you speak to others using a language that you learned as a child. Quite often you  create something new with your language by changing tones, combinations of words, or even creating new words, and it happens effortlessly. Your language also brings you new ideas from others.

We have been conviced to look at works of art as "creations" conceived complete in the minds of humans with superior creativity called "artists". If you suspect there's something very wrong with this, you're right!

Creative results in art, or anything else in life, are just patterns that are generated from a process. Just like you speak your native language.

Repair is a necessary part of all patterns and process, and there is much disgrace attached to mistakes these days. Mistake and repair are the ONLY method we have of making progress. A rocket guidance system works by correcting mistakes, and so does a human. No mistakes, no guidance.

 You can't expect to cough up a flawless anything, much tinkering is always required. Our cultural fear of mistakes leads to the expectation of flawless works of art created in one grand flourish, and the fear that "I'm just not creative enough" when you can't create instant masterpieces.

In anything creative that you do, it's just a long process of trial and error, with observation and your intuition acting as a check and balance system.

Creativity in anything also comes from being in contact with your environment.

Satisfaction cannot be reached solely by inner work. Much suffering has come from the thought that the individual is completely self sufficient and not dependent on their surroundings. India has been one example of this, focusing on inner spiritual development to the exclusion of other development.

Patterns and their parts and pieces that bring pleasure, comfort, and creativity to your life will balance and compliment each other.

Nature has recognizable patterns i.e. waves,the seasons, your genetic code, but nature is never modular. Nature is full of almost similar units, occuring over and over,but the details of the similar units are never the same. Waves are broadly the same (a pattern) with no two waves alike. This is why you are capable of creative and original thought and action. The particular details built into your mind as original equipment are completely original, and just sitting there waiting for you to find them.

Just piling up parts and pieces will rarely form a pleasing pattern, nor will random patterns compliment each other.The individual parts have to be under some deeper regulation. Fortunately the "detector" for the deeper regulation is built right into you as what you feel.

feelings  = Intuition 

Asking how something feels is not the same as asking for an opinion or if something is in "good or "bad" taste.

Feeling requires heart, not brain.

You will find an unusual amount of agreement in peoples feelings, but not in their opinions, thoughts, or tastes.

Example..how would you feel about living in a stainless steel box as opposed to your home. Your thoughts and opinions might see benefit in the efficiency of the stainless steel box, stainless steel boxes may be considered to be cool and trendy, and easy to clean and maintain, but anyone would feel horrible living there for any length of time.

Your real feelings can be very hard to reach. It takes effort to see through the noise and chatter of your mind throwing up "opinions" and "tastes", not to mention "peer pressure" and all the junk constantly thrown at you by the media. It just takes some time and attention to what you're working on while you  wait for the brain chatter to subside and you can have access to your real feelings.

It's not that the feeling isn't there or is unreliable. It just takes a long immersion in the things you are working on to find out what actually does feel better.

Our current trends to do everything faster and faster don't help. What often seems a failure of long term vision, or ignoring lessons of history, are just going too fast to hear what the heart is saying.

Finding those comfortable patterns in your environment provides the counterbalance to stress and conflict. The comfort comes from satisfying very basic human needs. Things like light, food, shelter,companionship.

Stress and conflict are a normal part of life, but if you can't eventually resolve the stress you will exhaust yourself.

Individual humans, businesses and governments can overstep their authority when they attempt to control too many parts of a pattern. This control stuff is self defeating. It kills the possibilities for creative change. Look at the internet, It's a good example of what happens when you don't (or can't) control.

One of the more helpful things to zero in on your feelings is to actually, physically, do something with the thing you're working on, whether you "know what you're doing" or not. The only knowledge you really need to start with would be if there are any safety issues to watch out for. I'm no fan of Nike, but their "just do it" motto makes sense.

If you find yourself getting so far into something that you're losing track of time, congratulations!. You've gone over the wall into the "flow" state, a heightened state of human consciousness where it seems to be much easier to discover the things your feelings are leading you towards.

Feeling and pattern recognition is like training a muscle, the more you do it the easier it gets. The more you observe, the more you notice, and the more quickly you know when you are on target.

the inventory of patterns in any combination of patterns keeps changing, some drop out, some become rare, new ones appear. Fortunately, improvements come via a piece here, and then a piece there, so you never have to throw away the entire inventory. If all patterns were linked and you had to improve them all when you improved one it just wouldn't work.

So be patient with yourself, jump right in, focus intensely and take it from the heart.

It's all just sitting there waiting for you.